Legal Malpractice

No professional wants to face a lawsuit for professional malpractice but claims against lawyers, engineers, insurance agents, architects, real estate agents, and other skilled professionals have increased dramatically in recent years.  Frith Anderson & Peake’s professional liability practice has regularly handled the defense of malpractice claims for many lawyers, engineers, insurance agents, architects, real estate agents in Virginia.  This depth of experience helps us understand the legal issues the professional faces in a malpractice claim, and the potential ramifications of such a claim for the person’s career and reputation.  We work closely with the professionals we represent – whether individually or at the request of their professional liability insurance carrier – to manage the legal proceedings and any public-relations issues that may arise.

At Frith Anderson & Peake, our knowledge and understanding of the law, experience in defending claims against professionals, skill, case management and teamwork produce prompt settlement of malpractice claims and aggressive litigation of disputed matters.  We pride ourselves on efficient, effective, and discreet defense of professionals facing malpractice claims.

If you would like additional information on professional malpractice matters the firm has handled, please contact our malpractice attorneys so we can answer your questions in an appropriate manner to safeguard our clients’ confidential information.

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AOP Highlight |  Appellate Practice

Frith Anderson & Peake has a broad appellate practice that covers every area of our litigation practice.  Our attorneys can help you evaluate whether an appeal is appropriate for your case and we will assist in your effort to preserve a favorable decision when the opposing party files an appeal. While the trial and appellate practice skill sets overlap in some areas, strong written and oral communication skills are essential in the appellate practice.  Three of Frith Anderson & Peake’s attorneys are former law clerks.  One served on both the Virginia Court of Appeals and Virginia Supreme Court.  Extensive briefs...

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