24 Hour Emergency/Accident Response

All too often accidents occur on the weekends or at night, and decisions made on the scene will dictate how a claim unfolds. An immediate response is crucial to keep an unfortunate situation under control. The attorneys of Frith Anderson & Peake are experienced in responding to developing crises to insure that evidence and information are recovered and preserved under the attorney work product doctrine and the attorney client privilege. Consideration is given to making sure that proper drug and alcohol testing occurs, and witnesses are located and interviewed. In addition, the attorneys can work with law enforcement and handle any media inquiry in accordance with company policy.

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AOP Highlight |  Appellate Practice

Frith Anderson & Peake has a broad appellate practice that covers every area of our litigation practice.  Our attorneys can help you evaluate whether an appeal is appropriate for your case and we will assist in your effort to preserve a favorable decision when the opposing party files an appeal. While the trial and appellate practice skill sets overlap in some areas, strong written and oral communication skills are essential in the appellate practice.  Three of Frith Anderson & Peake’s attorneys are former law clerks.  One served on both the Virginia Court of Appeals and Virginia Supreme Court.  Extensive briefs...

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